Although the tragic demise of Telechan conformed to the pattern of Nazi/Einsatzgruppen destruction at that time, I have found no other references apart from the Telechan Memorial Book.

Many people were killed in Telechan.  The Telechan Memorial Book has many witnesses to testify to the tragedies that occurred.  Yet I am unable to verify anything based upon independent documentation.

Could it be that the killing was so pervasive, so extensive, and so commonplace that the events at Telechan became completely absorbed in the multitude of similar stories?  There were many places where more people were murdered, and there were also many accounts of places where the Nazis murdered smaller groups of people.  Telechan was not the smallest of the shtetls by any means, but there is no mention of it.  There were so many ‘Telechans’.  What a calamity!  Nothing is recorded anywhere, apart from the Telechan Memorial Book. 

The Nazis, perversely, kept meticulous records of their victims as demonstrated by captured documents and the branding of numbers on the arms of concentration camp inmates.  However, that only applied to victims once they became part of the German system i.e. transferred to concentration camps, confined to ghettos, etc.  The lack of documentation occurs when and where wholesale massacres took place in preparation for the coming of the ‘perfect state.'

I have great difficult understanding and accepting this lack of information.  Were there so many Telechans that they all cannot be remembered?  Why have I uncovered no other reference about what happened?  Perhaps the research is not thorough enough at this time.  Hopefully the information is not permanently lost, as are the names of so many innocent victims.